Download NoCard VPN

Download NoCard VPN

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  • Download NoCard VPN
  • Download NoCard VPN
  • Download NoCard VPN
  • Download NoCard VPN
  • Download NoCard VPN

Download NoCard VPN

NoCard VPN is an application for Android mobile phones and tablets that will provide reliable protection of confidential data, help you access blocked resources and do not require any payment for it.

Download NoCard VPN

As you can easily guess by the name of the program, this is a mobile VPN client. In other words, the application allows you to redirect all your traffic through a secure server in another country in order to spoof your real location data. This helps to avoid surveillance and opens up access to resources that, for one reason or another, are not available in the users region. NoCard VPN is able to unblock access to popular social networks, as well as foreign streaming services. Of course, data transmission is carried out through a securely encrypted tunnel, which makes it impossible for third parties to intercept them.

How to use the program

Perhaps one of the main features of the application is the absence of the need to pay for a subscription. Moreover, it does not even require linking a bank card. All you need to do to get online protection is download the latest version of NoCard VPN for Android on your mobile phone or tablet, launch the application and click on the connect button. You can select a server manually, but the program offers automatic selection of the most optimal server by default.

It is important that the duration of the session in the application is limited to 45 minutes. In order not to reconnect every time the timer reaches zero, you can add additional time for free. Click on the Add Time button, after which the number of additional minutes will be selected using a virtual roulette wheel. Watch a short commercial and the timer will be extended.

The main features and benefits of the program:

  • anonymous Internet surfing;
  • reliable traffic encryption;
  • unlocking access to social networks and streaming services;
  • lack of complex settings;
  • no traffic restrictions;
  • the ability to select applications that will work bypassing the VPN;
  • built-in private browser;
  • intuitive interface;
  • partial translation into Russian.

Free Download NoCard VPN for Android platform.

NoCard VPN Specs

  • Platform: Android
  • Category: Download
  • Language: English
  • Licence: Free
  • Latest Update: 03-04-2022
  • Download: 1

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