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Download MyChat

MyChat MyChat is a client-server chat for local, corporate and city networks.

Download MyChat

  • reliable authorization of users on the server;
  • built-in file FTP server;
  • plugin support, open SDK;
  • detailed information about the user - very convenient in a large corporate network;
  • the ability to integrate into Active Directory;
  • user groups on the server with detailed differentiation of access rights to chat services;
  • the ability to run the server both as a GUI application and as a system service (system service);
  • Bulletin board;
  • if there is only one computer, and there are several users, there is an account manager;
  • mechanism of channel operators - to maintain order in large networks;
  • automatic creation of channels right after the server start and automatic invitation of users there;
  • transfer files and folders of unlimited size between chat clients;
  • the ability to transfer files to offline users;
  • support for all kinds of blocking by IP addresses and MAC addresses of network cards;
  • ban mechanism - to maintain order in the chat;
  • console commands - for quick client and server management;
  • sound accompaniment of various events in the chat;
  • logging conversations in the database - no one except you can read confidential information;
  • ICQ-like contact panel on the client - for quick access to sending private messages;
  • delayed messages: even if the user is not connected to the server, he can still send messages that he will receive immediately after connecting;
  • animated emoticons (several sets that can be expanded indefinitely) + a huge set of avatars;
  • skins support;
  • multilingual interface (Russian, Ukrainian, English);
  • the ability to remotely manage client settings from the MyChat server;
  • the ability to automatically deploy the MyChat client in large networks - greatly facilitates the work of the administrator.

Free Download MyChat for Windows platform.

MyChat Specs

  • Platform: Windows
  • Category: Social and Communication
  • Language: English
  • Licence: Free
  • Latest Update: 16-08-2022
  • Download: 1

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Download MyChat


MyChat MyChat is a client-server chat for local, corporate and city networks. reliable...

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