Download Betternet

Download Betternet

Platform: Windows Version: 6.11.0 Language: EnglishFile Size: 17.39 MB
Free Download for Windows (17.39 MB)
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  • Download Betternet

Download Betternet

If you are looking for a program to change your actual IP address, we recommend downloading Betternet. It is designed to use a VPN to use the Internet without restrictions by country, city. The application protects the network from trackers, allows you to visit sites anonymously.

Download Betternet

Presented Betternet for Windows opens access to blocked web resources. It makes it possible to penetrate sites, access to which is limited in certain territories, as well as enter closed corporate resources. Suitable for browsers Chrome, Firefox. Also, the application is installed without problems on Android and iOS. Provides privacy and ad blocking. Complete freedom of action on the Internet.

To Download Betternet from our site, start the download and use the standard technology to install the file on your PC or phone. Download the program so that the data is not stored on the network, is not transferred for use and analysis. The function for entering the Internet in public places will come in handy in order to secure the process. No additional settings are needed.

Create privacy for free, protect yourself from hacker surveillance, attacks. The company shows transparent statistics that demonstrate ways to support the program - partner agreements, downloading additional mobile applications. This helps fund the project, open up free access to the program document.

Connecting to a VPN service is a single click of a button, which automatically hides the location. After downloading and installing the product is immediately ready to use. Free download Betternet for a computer or smartphone from is to get the program without registration SMS.

Free Download Betternet 6.11.0 for Windows platform.

Betternet Specs

  • Platform: Windows
  • Category: Security and Privacy
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 17.39 MB
  • Licence: Free
  • Version: 6.11.0
  • Developer: betternet
  • Latest Update: 07-12-2021
  • Download: 2,312

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